I work with all types of clients and value their discretion. I understand that it is not always easy taking that first step inviting someone into your home that can seem unorganized. I work with my clients on an ongoing basis when needed and have check ins after the project is complete knowing that success is in the follow up. Here are some testimonies of some of my clients who I have loved working with.



We love Shanel, she is absolutely amazing to work with! She made the process of cleaning out our closet and pantry actually enjoyable! She is a natural when it comes to design and execution. Shanel makes something that is daunting seem easy, extremely gratifying and therapeutic. She is exceptionally organized and efficient with her time. She works quickly and you see results right away. It’s an absolute game changer! Our only mistake is not having her come and work with us sooner! The very best part is she is a blast to work with and you will likely be laughing for most of your time with her! Don’t wait!

-Keely and Kevin Wallis


Organizing one’s own closet is not easy for everyone. To me personally, it’s not a skillset I’ve practiced, and it gives me anxiety, which is more of a reason not to practice it. I work in systems, when there’s one in place then I can go along with it.

My office is also my closet with plenty of space and too much stuff. The goal is for it to be my sanctuary.

It is disorganized and messy, not a sanctuary for peaceful work or ease of use. I have relocated to the dining room table. This is a job for someone to accomplish that has no emotional ties to it.

Shanel showed up with her patented ear to ear smile and get it done attitude. She has a GREAT sense of style for everything so I was able to ask questions bout sneakers that have gone out style I was holding onto and she politely reminded me of their expiration date, it was so welcomed and appreciated.

She came in like a gentle efficient tornado turning the space into my sanctuary, and now I can’t be removed from my office. Even though the dining room table is much more social and center located, I feel more at ease in my office.

She placed objects that are memorable and have inspirational meaning and made them center pieces, clothing that is not in season, like my 4 pairs of winter boots for different conditions, appropriately hibernated.

I don’t know who is more excited, my wife or me?

Shanel, you’re a godsend for how fast and effortlessly you accomplished this. Your professionalism, speed, willingness to understand what my needs were, and at the same time set me up for new habits is so greatly appreciated. The day was wrapped with a wish list and next steps, we were at the container store 48 hours later buying more bins.


Jake Burack